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SE::Column – Reinforced Concrete Column Design

SE::Column is a computer program for reinforced concrete column design. It computes column interaction diagrams (P-M interaction diagram and Mx-My interaction diagram) based on strain compatibility approach. The program combines power and simplicity perfectly. For common regular column sections, the design has been made even easier. For cases other programs can not handle, this program can take care of them for you with sophisticated algorithm. We think it is the best reinforced concrete column design program.

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Friendly User Interface

We don’t just develop a program that can run. We develop our program with friendly user interface from all aspects. In this way, users can focus on the analysis instead of learning how to use the program.

Dynamic Unit System
The program supports eight sets of commonly used unit systems which cover both English and Metric units. You can easily switch to another unit system at any time.

Extensive Design Code Support
We support commonly used design codes like AASHTO LRFD, ACI 318 and CAN/CSA-A23.3-04. No matter you are designing a bridge, a building or a wharf, you can trust our program for your substructure design.

Random Section Geometry
We have no limitation on the section geometry. As long as it is a real section, we will find the answer for you.

Column Section with Multiple Opening Support
It is frustrating to find out that your column section has two openings and your column design program can not handle it. If that is the case, switch to our program. Even if you have more than two openings, it is not a problem.

Convenient Design Loads Check
We understood that you may have lots of loads to check due to different load cases and load combinations. We don’t have any limit on the number of design loads you can input. Besides, you load check results can be sorted in many ways so that you can find what you need with minimal time. When you are running a biaxial bending check, you can view each load’s corresponding P-M and Mx-My interaction diagram with only one click.

More Accurate Results
Our sophisticated and optimized algorithm will provide you more accurate results. If we don’t trust our numbers, we will never let other people use it.

It Is Not Just a Reinforced Concrete Column Design Program
You can actually use the program to design reinforced concrete beams, walls and slabs etc.

Lower Price For a Better Program
Don’t worry. We know that our price is lower compared to other programs.Please let your colleagues know our program if you like it.