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SE::MC – Moment Curvature Analysis

SE::MC is a computer program that allows you to perform moment curvature analysis on structural member sections. The structural member sections shall include but not limited to reinforced concrete column, prestressed concrete pile, bridge girder, reinforced concrete beam, and steel pipe sections. The analysis is based on strain compatibility approach. This program is a powerful tool for both structural design and research where moment curvature analysis is required.

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Friendly User Interface

We don’t just develop a program that can run. We develop our program with friendly user interface from all aspects. In this way, users can focus on the analysis instead of learning how to use the program.

Dynamic Unit System
The program supports eight sets of commonly used unit systems which cover both English and Metric units. You can easily switch to another unit system at any time.

Extensive Material Models
The program has built in stress strain models for unconfined concrete, confined concrete (Mander), mild steel, prestressing steel, bilinear steel, API pipe steel(Ramberg–Osgood). If the material model you want to use is not included in those built in models, you can use user defined material model to input you own stress strain data.

Random Section Geometry
We have no limitation on the section geometry. As long as it is a real section, we will find the answer for you.

Multiple Number of Materials on A Single Section
The section can have as many different types of materials as you want. For example, a section could have
unconfined concrete, confined concrete, mild steel and prestressing steel at the same time.

Capability to Handle Cross Section with Non-uniform Prestressing
When the section has non-uniform prestressing, the initial curvature on the section is not zero. Our strong algorithm can handle these cases while most other programs don’t.

Idealized Moment Curvature Curve Generation
A common use of the moment curvature analysis result is to generate idealized moment curvature curve for plastic hinge definition in Pushover analysis. The process to generate idealized moment curvature curve could be time assuming. This program can generate the idealized curve based on design code requirements like AASHTO Guide Specifications for LRFD Seismic Bridge Design and Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards(MOTEMS).

It Is Not Just a Moment Curvature Analysis Program
This program can also be used to determine member section capacity and stiffness. Design code permits section bending capacity calculation through strain compatibility analysis which is what moment curvature analysis is based on. This is very useful for calculating prestressed member section bending capacity. The analysis result not only gives the section capacity but also provide a full picture of the section behavior. The relationship M = EIɸ allows you to calculate the member effective stiffness (EI) for cracked concrete sections.