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SE::Pile – Prestressed Concrete Pile Design

SE::Pile is a computer program for prestressed concrete pile design. This program computes pile section P – M interaction diagrams considering slenderness of the pile. There are interaction diagram charts published many years ago for certain types of prestressed concrete piles. However, the charts are not user friendly especially when you have many loads to check for the pile. Capacity of the pile has to be read off the chart manually. This can be time consuming and inaccurate. In most cases, slenderness of your piles may be different from those plotted on existing charts. Besides, existing charts are limited on choice of resistance factors, number of strands, concrete strength and pile size etc. SE::Pile provides engineers a way to design prestressed concrete pile more efficiently and accurately.

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Friendly User Interface

We don’t just develop a program that can run. We develop our program with friendly user interface from all aspects. In this way, users can focus on the analysis instead of learning how to use the program.

Dynamic Unit System
The program supports eight sets of commonly used unit systems which cover both English and Metric units. You can easily switch to another unit system at any time.

Pile Capacity Considering Slenderness Effects
In many cases, prestressed concrete piles are fairly slender. Slenderness effect is a very important factor for the pile design. With SE::Pile,you can either reduce the pile capacity by considering pile slenderness or using magnified design moments with unreduced pile capacity.

User Defined Strand Stress Strain Model
The program has built in strand stress strain model for 270ksi low relaxation seven wire strands as defined in PCI Bridge Design Manual. However, you can always use your own stress strain data for the strand.

Convenient Design Loads Check
We understood that you may have lots of loads to check due to different load cases and load combinations. We don’t have any limit on the number of design loads you can input. Besides, you load check results can be sorted in many ways so that you can find what you need with minimal time.

Support All Prestressed Concrete Pile Section Geometry
We support prestressed concrete piles of any shape and any size. The pile can be solid or hollow. For square piles, you can even model the chamfer if that is required.

Interaction Diagrams with Multiple Slenderness
You can plot multiple interaction diagrams with different slenderness on a single chart. In this way, you can view how pile capacity changes based on slenderness change.

User Defined Resistance Factors
The old pile design interaction diagrams have built in resistance factors which you can do nothing about.We let you input your own resistance factors based on latest design code requirements.

The Only Prestressed Concrete Pile Design Program Available
As far as we know, SE::Pile is the only prestressed concrete pile design program available. That means we are the best one too.